Anderson Chiropractic

About Dr. Geff Anderson

Dr. Geff Anderson is a Western States Chiropractic College graduate and has been serving Boise, ID and it’s surrounding towns since 1986.

As a young man he was always interested in health and how the body works, he saw how his mom found relief from headaches with Chiropractic Care and now helps patients get their health back in return in the same manner.

He manages and provides all aspects of care at Anderson Chiropractic Accident, Neck, Back, & Pain Center, so you’re guaranteed to get his hands every time you stop in for an adjustment.

The only thing that can Heal the body is the Power that created it…

Accepting New Patients

“We cater to health conscious people who’d rather address the underlying cause of their health problems than mask it with drugs.

If that’s you, then you’ll love our approach. Book your first visit and let’s talk some more. There’s hope we can help you.